Website Project for Infologis AG

Industry: Consulting Agency

Details: Concept - Digital Strategy - UI/UX Design - Copywriting - Online Marketing - Website Development - Maintainance


A full-website relaunch based on new Concept and Digital strategy which we worked constantly through IT consulting in order to create an up to date and outright website. Our purpose was the development of a Website which would be of accessible and efficient interaction, improving the user experience and customer satisfaction. The use of UI and UX Design plays an essential role in achieving this goal as well as a better transmission of product value from our client to its customers. Copywriting and Online Marketing are considered essential tools for brand awareness which we have also implemented.


Internal E-Commerce Shop for Rari Foods International

F&B E-Commerce

Details: Webshop Development - Digital Consulting

Rari Foods Logo

petitcode developed an internal e-commerce shop based on the client’s preferences and their requirements to succeed in the Food and Beverage Industry. Using IT Concept Design to fully understand our customer’s specifications enabled us to create and implement shop-features with special options for our client's customers and their respective product ordering.


EDU/WHO for Candena GmbH/Digital Education Holdings Ltd

Healthcare Education

Details: Concept - Logo Design - Motion and Film Development - Customized WP Theme Refinement

EDU video

Through the establishment of the concept, we were responsible for the creation of the project’s logo and branding. Part of our tasking was the processing of a TV package/video template for WHO enabling the reuse of pre-produced interview recordings.


iOS App for RMH Media GmbH


Details: React Native App Development (iOS)

RMH Media

An interesting mini project to create an iOS mobile app in React Native which should act similar to a custom defined DDA file format reader. Technically this was a challenge but once mastered, it definitely turned out to be essential in providing the publishers the necessary freedom to configure scenarios of an enormous variety. The app has flexible configurations, and can be controlled simultaneously from a normal html file by DDA publisher.


Landing Page Development with customised WP Theme for Treatwell

Beauty Marketplace

Details: WP Custom Theme Front-End


petitcode rapidly developed frontend landing-pages with a customized WordPress theme based on designs provided by an external designer.


Webshop for Paladintrue


Details: Front-End Mobile Website - IT Consulting - Project Coordination


petitcode created a webshop including back-end and front-end work for an e-commerce company based in Milan, Italy. Through our technical advisory, it was decided to base the webshop on Angular.js which is perfect for single page applications with popular JavaScript framework.


OnGea for Roots and Routes e.V


Details: Business and IT Consulting - Backend/API Connection Dev - PHP and React.js - Drupal - CMS

Roots and Routes

OnGea is a platform addressing the young, empowering and enhancing youth work activities such as international youth exchanges and international networks of youth organizations. petitcode took over this legacy project and swiftly brought it to its completion. Our entry point was a revolutionary structural design through the combination of a normal D8 CMS installation and a customized built content manager written in React (react.js and react native). Our purpose was to create a highly operational and functional platform based on an existing design, develop the back-end, and expand the functionality of the existing RESTfull API so that the React components could properly do their job. Furthermore, we turned the website into a multilingual platform supporting 10+ available languages.


Custom CMS Development for AgProp GmbH (under NDA)

Music Industry

Details: PHP - Symfony - CMS


petitcode staffed the requirements by engaging a fellow agency which was responsible for the creation of a brand-new CMS for one the world's biggest record labels alongside Sony Music and Warner Music Group.


Website Project for Kälte Börsch


Details: CMS - TYPO3


petitcode refined the existing CMS through adequate adjustments plus security updates permitting a better experience with respect to the website representation and its reliability. We also implemented web extensions in TYPO3 which smoothly and continuously supplement the core application.


App Project for The Darkside Vip


Details: Concept Development - Prototyping - UI/UX Design - iOS and Androip App (based on Flutter)


The job was to develop a social app for the Swedish market using Flutter technology. We created the entire strategy and were responsible for the end-to-end process from concept and design to its consolidation, which emerged through a continuous series if IT consultations. Creating a good wireframe of UI/UX design permits for better usability and efficiency for the final product since it gives a clear vision of the project structure and its connections. The ensuing development was done simultaneously on two operating systems, iOS and Android. After its launch, the app became the number one in paid apps in Sweden.

App Store

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