IT Powerhouse - Consulting & Development made in Germany!

Brand, Tech & IT-Security Consulting

Our five branding, tech & security experts work with you to analyse & create a strategy to ensure your decisions meet your business, security & branding needs.

Java, PHP and Rust Experts

Our 15 experts are specialists in those languages other try to circumvent. They have 15+ years experience in developing high performing applications and systems with Java, PHP and now also Rust.

CRM & Provider Consulting & Implementation

We help you analysing your CRM needs and investigate which CRM could be the best solution for your business. We have great experience with Civi CRM, Odoo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho a.m.m.

Infrastructure, Cloud Setup & Migration

Our experts setup & migrate your infrastructure in a secure way, weather you want a Cloud Service like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or your own nextcloud, we have the expertise.

Some Work Snippets

IT Consulting and Development, Infrastructure

Technical Partner for European Film Academy and implementation of Civi CRM, AWS Servers, VOD and interal App.

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Data Science & Modelling, Consulting

We consulted Lufthansa, on their Data Strategy to optimise their customer engagement.

Group 421784


Digitalising Services with a partner for the German Government using Open Source Projects, such as nextcloud.

Die Bundesregierung Logo 1

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Our promises

  • Experience: Team of 15 internal experts with more than 15 years experience and a network of 167 Freelancers.
  • CRM Consulting, Implementation and Partner of renomated providers: Specialised in Odoo, Hubspot, CiviCRM.
  • On Premise and Cloud SetUps. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. Managed or Dedicated Servers.
  • Open Source SetUp: Linux Based, Nextcloud, OpenProject, OdooSuite, ZohoSuite, muPROTOCOL et. al.
  • Entire Security Analysis, Strategy Consulting and Setup.
  • Database Migration of all Sorts, also Legacy.
  • VOD, SSO & Authentication Setup and Maintenance
  • Web, App and Shop Design and Development - Specialised in Java, Php and Rust
  • Huge Network of vetted Freelancers: 167
  • C-Level Interims

Our work process

Meet the team and describe your idea

Simply contact us and we will get in touch with you.

Project Analysis & Assessment $

Analysing and assessing the Scope of your project in depth.

Proposal Stage & Execution

Receive our detailed audit, including all necessary assesments and project roadmap to discuss next steps.

Develop Project

Sit tight and wait until we create your project. We will update you reguarly on the status.

Project Delivery

We deliver your project within the agreed time frame and maintain as your partner as long as you need us.


When can we start?

We can start right away, tell us what you need or fill out our questionainaire! In the first call we define the project and set up a more in-depth strategy session. You can choose your suitable consultant from our broad range of experts.

How much is it? (App, Website, Shop, Cloud Setup, Nextclooud)

We need to first analyze all important factors and define the scope of your project to find out unknown variables. Hence a generic price is very difficult to provide without knowing the exact scope of the project.

Which framworks, libraries & CMS do you support?

Spring, Apache, Hibernate, ATG, Grails, Maven, Jackson, Java Standard Library, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Cake, Drupal, Headless Drupal, Stdweb, Yew, Percy, Smithy, Rocket, Actix, Axum, warp, Gotham

Do you guys help with funding?

We don´t fund projects ourselves directly, but once we are interested in your proejct we might indirectly finance you with our specialists. Furthermore, we help you to find follow-up funding.

Get in touch with Us.

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