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We are petitcode – a collective of senior technology specialists from Berlin, who offer consulting, hiring and first hand development services. Regardless of which stage you are now, our assistance will always include senior level consultancy services for your campaign, product and project as well as technical development of apps, websites, shops or media content. We foster a decentralised and transparent approach and have built a senior freelance network, where freelancers can work remotely and productively at their office of choice.
Let us be the code to your success 

Our workflow


We handcraft state-of-the-art solutions suited to your plans that will let you outperform competitors and even your own expectations.


In accordance to the goals of each project, we build product and design strategies to monitor and analyse the success and evolution of your project.


Thanks to all the measurements made and the empirical learnings, the client, together with petitcode, will be able to make sound, evidence-based decision making.


IT Solutions

Frontend solutions

Website Development

  • Custom Websites
  • Shop Development

Mobile App Development

  • iOS & Android Native
  • React Native

Desktop App Development

  • Windows & Mac applications
  • Java-based frontend

Backend solutions

Enterprise Solutions

  • Cloud-based Infrastructure
  • SaaS & PaaS Solutions

Backend Development

  • API Integration
  • Ruby & Python development

Big Data

  • Database development
  • Graphical analytics with R

Digital strategies

Brand communication

Social Media

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Monitoring

Online Marketing

  • SEO & SEA
  • Email Marketing & Crowdfunding

Public Relations

  • Media Relations
  • Media Monitoring

Product development

Brand Management

  • Corporate Identity
  • Business Development


  • UI & UX
  • Corporate Design

Our work process

  • First contact

    With the input of our Technical Directors, we define what our clients want to achieve, how to prioritize the most important features of the project and set short and long term goals.

  • Matching skills

    Through our large selection of developer portfolios, we search the most qualitative matches for our clients according to project specs and time frames.

  • Initial proposal

    This is where the project takes shape. The Project Manager shows the client our embryonic concept and opens it up for discussion and improvement suggestions.

  • Creation of MVP

    Once all agreements have been made, we apply all the input and start building. For us it is essential to improve and perfect the core features of the product and to set the model for the final result.

  • Evaluation

    We value the client’s feedback as an integral and essential part throughout our processes. At this stage, the collected feedback goes towards the main decision of Go or No-Go.

  • Final version

    Once all feedback rounds are closed, it gets applied into the last round of Building. Our main goal is to deliver an outstanding product on schedule both for our clients and for their customers.

  • After sales support

    Just because you now have a functioning App, it doesn’t mean that the job is done. After measuring the impact of what we have built, the client and petitcode get to Learn where can improvements be made. In other words, we can call it Maintenance. Because the creation of long-term relationships is an essential core to any solid process, we provide both maintenance and after-sales support to maximize your product success.

petitcode core network

  • Edgar Bongkishiy

    Edgar Bongkishiy

    Technical Partner
  • Samer Murad

    Samer Murad

    Lead Senior Mobile Developer
  • Ottavio Braun

    Ottavio Braun

    Technical Director
  • Sebastian Melz

    Sebastian Melz

    Managing Director
  • Yaser Morteza

    Yaser Morteza

    Senior Backend Developer

About petitcode

petitcode is an avantgarde collective from Berlin that is specialized in full-service IT solutions and digital strategies. Our multi-disciplinary team of developers, engineers, marketers and project managers offers a wide selection of customized services. From single assignments to fully integrated campaigns, we deliver the code to your success.

Considering the digitalization of our society and industries, the need for digital services will keep growing. petitcode embraces and wants to revolutionise the digital age: that is why we have adapted lean startup principles and applied agile project management methodologies to forge a unique swift, reliable and transparent working process.

Please contact us for any inquiries or visit our office in the heart of Berlin’s creative center, Kreuzberg.