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petitcode is a creative collective of senior technology specialists from Berlin, who offer consulting, hiring and first hand web development services. Our assistance always includes senior level consultancy services for your campaign, product and project as well as technical development of apps, websites, shops or media content. We foster a decentralised and transparent approach to the standard agency environment and have built a senior freelance network, where freelancers can work remotely and productively from their office of choice.

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In software architecture, whether web or mobile development, there are two perspectives. The back end is the server side, where all data is stored and where the business logic and rules of the software operate. The front end is the component controlled by the end user, the user interface, and serves as layer of make-up for the server side of the software.

Front end developers tend to get more credit because only their work is seen by the end users. Nevertheless, most of the existing code for any software will be predominantly back end based.

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We recommend to start with a workshop with the choosen senior freelancer. After initial research and an intensive exchange, we can rationally work out which is the most suitable appearance for your project and company.

In a , our senior freelancers will assess your current position and analyze what the best implementation is. At the end, you will receive a complete report of all items to consider, an accurate estimate of each subtask and the estimated total budget.

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What makes petitcode different from other digital agencies?

petitcode’s collective originated from the flaws of this model and the ambition of solving these issues. Traditional agencies have several layers of human resources: from interns, to juniors, seniors and executives. Most of the web development work is done by the lower levels and the higher levels end up having little involvement. From own experience, we confirm that agency-work is related to long hours, as if it were a contest of who spends the most time in the office. Additionally, the bigger the value-chain, the higher the costs and the higher the invoice you will be paying.

petitcode believes in increasing productivity over extensive working hours and that any client deserves senior-level web design and development services. By choosing petitcode you will be in direct communication with the freelancer, with no hidden layers. Simply get in touch with us and let’s get the project started.

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Determining cost estimations accurately can be tricky without a proper exchange. Send us a message and we will be in touch with you.