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Since the release of smartphones, the number of apps increased exponentially which also influenced the way business and consumers interact with websites and digital services. petitcode's collective of senior designers firmly believe in structured methods to develop tailored-made interfaces based on the experience of users for any digital platform. In order to understand the full process, let's take it step by step.

What is UI/UX?

What is the difference between a graphic designer, UI/UX and a front end developer

Graphic designers already existed in the 19th Century and have mostly been involved in Branding and Print mediums, such as logos, posters, flyers, brochures, billboards. As digital media and formats were introduced, graphic designers expanded their fields of action and expertise. Therefore we can say that UI and UX are a specialisation of graphic design.

As previously mentioned, a front end developer is responsible for the component controlled by the end user, the user interface, which serves as layer of make-up for the server side of the software. The developer may have design skills but that is not their primary skill.

Quality principles

It is petitcode's strong belief, that, in order to design the best user interface for your business, it is important to consider several aspects and break down this process in steps:

  1. Analyse your business - do you provide a product or a service? According to your Corporate Identity, how do you present yourself to your customers? User interfaces need to embrace the company feel and identity.

  2. How do your customers interact with your product or service - this will determine the user experience with your product/service. Do your customers use your solution just once or is their usage reoccurring? Focus on your product's life cycle, all different stages and what does that mean to your customer in all stages. The answer to these questions will highlight the real issues and solutions.

  3. You might want to consider developing user studies to fully grasp and define suiting user flows, user experience, priorities and good-to-have's.

Why is the design important for software and apps

A good design is not measured on how fancy it looks. A quality interface requires foremost to address the concerns and emotions of the users, considering what your business represents to them and the total product life cycle.

By following the above mentioned quality principles, petitcode will guarantee you adequate focus on what really matters. There is nothing worse than a slick design that does not answer to the user's needs and priorities.


As Design can be quite subjective, we recommend to start with a workshop with the choosen senior freelancer. After initial research and an intensive exchange, we can rationally work out which is the most suitable appearance for your project and company.

In a , our senior freelancers will assess your current position and analyze what the best implementation is. At the end, you will receive a complete report of all items to consider, an accurate estimate of each subtask and the estimated total budget.

Enquire about a design workshop.

Why should you hire petitcode as an ecommerce agency for your digital marketplace

It's a known fact, that the number of physical stores is decreasing, whilst Ecommerce is still wildly booming. We all shop differently then compared to 10 years ago. We all plead guilty. That is why, many different digital marketplaces keep popping up and the generated revenues keep skyrocketing.

petitcode's collective originated from the flaws of this model and the ambition of solving these issues. Traditional agencies have several layers of experience: from interns, to juniors, seniors and executives. Most of the work is done by the lower levels and the higher levels end up having little involvement. From own experience, we confirm that agency-work is related to long hours, as if it were a contest of who spends the most time in the office. Additionally, the bigger the value-chain, the higher the costs and the higher the invoice you will be paying. petitcode believes in increasing productivity over extensive working hours and that any client deserves senior-level services.

With the senior advice of our collective of freelance professionals, you will be guided all the way to make technology and business savvy decisions that will keep bringing you ROI over time and boost your performance.

Hire a freelancer or a user experience design agency team

petitcode is a collective of senior freelance designers. If you are unsure of whether hiring a freelance designer or a dedicated team, petitcode can help you not only finding the most senior freelancers but also assemble a qualified team of professionals to ensure that your product becomes and remains state-of-the-art.

If you still have questions regarding user interfaces, how to evaluate user experience and are unsure of what exactly do you need, feel free to contact us directly. We would be glad to walk through the initial steps with you and determine what the best approach for your project would be.

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