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Let's face it: The digital revolution has already started and we are so deep into it, that we have long gone beyond the point of no return. Digital consulting nowadays requires a 360-degree approach to avoid operational bottlenecks in the value-chain of information. Apart from Tech, the winning strategy should include fields such as marketing, seo, social media, advertising, campaign performance and optimization.

It is our utmost priority as entrepreneurs, freelancers and as a society to adapt our livelihoods to these new challenges. When creating new concepts, implementing the newest technologies to guarantee a significant ROI on tech is easy to plan and perform. Adapting already existing concepts to updated technologies is to be seen case by case. Regardless of the tech stack that you choose to run your business on, the methodology of gathering data is important just as reading and understanding it to your advantage.

petitcode is of valuable help to you and your business in all cases. Our collective of senior professionals are more than capable of advising you a sound strategy and the best way to achieve long-lasting online success.

Why is digital consulting important

Through digital transformation, many industries have been disrupted, merged and split. This is also applicable to brand communication, marketing and sales. The number of potential online marketing channels to choose from is so vast that you need to be sure which ones are relevant and adequate.

By now, the majority of all users worldwide have adopted a mobile first behavior and turn to tablets or smartphones for their online activities. Whilst print, radio, TV and billboards gave brands the opportunity to promote their names and build familiarity; homepages, platforms and apps improved the level of interaction in what was usually a stationary setting.

The digitalisation of brand communication created countless interactive opportunities directly attached the consumer, in whatever geography or context they travel to, providing almost unlimited access to the consumer and brands simultaneously.

This requires a data driven and sophisticated approach that few have mastered. Therefore, having a consultant by your side, with both technical and customer-oriented expertise, will help you designing the right experience both online and offline to boost your business.

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Reasons to hire a consulting freelancer for your online strategy

Having a digital consultant can only be beneficial to your business, both for your tech and marketing departments. Here are the main reasons why:

  1. Cutting Edge - it is their job description to be fully up to date.

  2. They lead strategy, you execute - with their knowledge, you develop a strategy, measure results and apply necessary changes to optimize effectiveness.

  3. They are affordable - It's like healthcare, prevention is better than cures. Besides, strategy needs to be applied to get results first.

  4. Keeps you in shape and up with competition - knowing how your direct competitors are set up is always an advantage.

  5. Technology proofing - technologies come and go, therefore having top quality feedback is essential.

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What is the added value of having an omnipresent online strategy

The added value will be seen in the short, mid and long term in different ways. By adopting an online strategy through a consultant from petitcode, your business will improve in the following ways:

  • Through the vast potential of digital to deliver a great user experience at lower costs, you will improve your customer experience and marketing capabilities. By using customer data, you will be able to improve your targeting and messaging, and develop your brand with an multichannel strategy.

  • With advanced embedded capabilities across your operations, you will find hacks and shorten your online pathways, while exploring the expanding potential of the Internet of Things.

  • With the modernized capabilities needed, you will transform your IT function from the right system architecture and operating model to an effective cost structure, to support the company's digital future.

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petitcode is a collective of senior freelancers only. Regardless of, whether you are a startup or an established business and are unsure of whether hiring a freelance consultant or a dedicated team of digital consultants, petitcode can help you not only finding the most senior freelancing talent but also assemble a qualified team of professionals to ensure that your online strategy is fine-tuned.

If you still have questions regarding digital consulting, whether technical or marketing, how to evaluate user experience and are unsure of what exactly do you need, feel free to contact us directly. We would be glad to a first contact and determine what the best approach for your project would be.

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