With the amount of information available online, we understand that you may not have the time and energy to go through every provider you come across. Regardless of the industry, when it comes down to Sales (services or goods), prospective clients ideally prefer to receive a direct overview of the expected time/effort and a subsequent price.

Over the years we have noticed one reoccuring pattern: communication is key and, if lacking, can cause a lot of avoidable troubles. Understandable and undeniable. This is applicable in both directions: clients knowing what they get from contractors and contractors knowing exactly what clients want and expect from them.

Despite how simple some ideas may seem or come across - if a senior technician has got additional questions, you should make sure to answer these.

This is why petitcode focuses strongly on the Workshop phase: the project outline should be that precise, that anyone can understand it and get started directly. After initial discussions and consultations, petitcode is able to tell how mature and defined the project outline is and whether a Workshop is recommended. The more we talk to one another at the beginning, the less we need your input during the development stage and the quicker the project can be finished.

petitcode will then suggest you the most appropriate freelancer and arrange the Workshop proceedings entirely.

A part from meeting the freelancer personally, during the Workshop together you will: 1) Define the Scope by analysing the current standpoint of your industry, techstack, design trends. 2) Define the project strategy, by setting Goals and Deadlines together with your dedicated senior freelancer.

As a direct result of the Workshop, you will have an entire blue-print plan for your project and a subsequent precise cost-estimation. Thanks to our Workshop-phase and focus, petitcode is able to finish 75% of projects before the final deadline. As petitcode works by the hour, that automatically means lower-than-estimated costs.

A Workshop is ideal when it comes to IT Solutions (apps, websites and e-shops) as well as Design projects (rebranding, UI case studies, UX wireframing).

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