Introduction to petitcode

30.07.2019 - 2min read - by Benedikt Rötsch

Before petitcode, Sebastian and Guy had an idea concerning a sports app – FSB – whilst still being Master students. Despite groundbreaking ideas, a more tangible market demand laid somewhere else so that a change in focus was needed.

This is probably something most Entrepreneurs have eventually faced and there is nothing to be ashamed of. So, where did they go from there? With the constantly evolving digital market, a lot of clients and even agencies are struggling to keep up with the pace and excessive information. Endless apps, websites, new platforms and technologies are sprouting on a daily basis. With all these new innovations in Technology and Data, the industry constantly requires more qualitative specialists. Additionally, thanks to enhanced mobility and interconnectivity, the tendency of our generation is to dedicate our working life less and less to one employer only, like our parents’ generation used to.

That is where, through the contacts made in the process, Sebastian saw an opportunity: connecting freelancers to other companies as well as to other freelancers under one umbrella brand – petitcode. To differentiate petitcode from the remaining mortal agencies, we have adapted the conventional Agency structure to the modern employment economy and only source freelancers from our selection pool. Whether engineers, designers, marketers and/or consultants, petitcode is a network of selected senior freelancers only, where Quality is valued over Quantity. We do not want to play “numbers games”, otherwise we could have all stayed at our full-time jobs.

Provided services by petitcode

Our services are split into two sections: 1) Product/Project Development 2) Talent sourcing.

When developing a project or a product, we will define objectives, functions and requirements. Once agreed, we will provide the right team to the client. In the form of a workshop, the client and freelancer(s) will get to meet personally and agree on a roadmap, deadlines and estimate the project duration. A constant exchange will be held throughout the project until its completion.

Sourcing can be of Freelancers or even Full-Time-Employees. All we need are specific requirements and we will provide the right candidate. Thanks to this structure we can stay lean as a company. Additionally, we are capable to act and react to all (even late notice) demands of our clients. All in all, our approach is based on Just-in-Time principles and aims to bring together the right talent at the right time.

The goals are to establish and develop the Network in order to cover all fields required for any digital produce. If our vision of the modern workforce sounds appealing and you would be interested in joining our senior Network, feel free to send us an email with your CV and some further information to yourself.

If you would like to contract one of our freelancers or enquire directly about projects, simply drop us a line at