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What you need to know about petitcode

petitcode is an avant-garde agency founded in Berlin.
We provide perfect solution to your company digital journey. We are the code to your success.

petitcode offers IT Solutions, Digital Strategies and Creative Contents customized to your needs through a carefully curated and tested world wide network of Senior Experts.
We are experienced in various projects such as consultancy services for your portfolio, campaigns, products, as well as the technical development of apps, websites and media content.

Our story!

petitcode’s story could have only occurred under its particular circumstances. In another place at another time, petitcode and its DNA would have been an alien downright: too decentralized, too remote, too global, too transparent, to little hierarchy and too much of a network, too avant-garde and too much – to put it in a nutshell – unlike the common German company culture. Even for the dynamic digital agency environment.

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But it was the case that our co-founder Sebastian with his start-up Find Some Buddy was right in the middle of the epicenter of Europe's tech scene, Berlin, at the beginning of the 2010s. The wafts of mist around the first big start-up hype were already clearing at that time - what was left were those who, thanks to professionalism, investor money and a pinch of luck, hadn't yet got a bloody nose and now had the urge to scale.
The hunger for talent from the IT and creative industries was great, and the freelancer market became larger for companies in the course of Berlin's rapid internationalization, but also more convoluted. Not for Sebastian: he had made his name as an verification authority for talent in the scene. He was the guy you would call when you have a problem and he was the guy whose references you could trust when looking for IT and Creative experts.
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With this organic development Sebastian did what he had always done when he founded petitcode 2015: connecting freelancers with companies. Transparent and direct contact between both parties had been business as usual before. But now the label "petitcode" added legal security and the highest quality standards for all parties involved on top.
It is no coincidence that we are Berlin based but globally networked. With Find Some Buddy, Sebastian had been working with Iranian programmers all along, so the horizon of action had always been indisputably global. Our network of more than 150 carefully curated and tested Senior level freelancers branches out to Israel, Singapore, Italy, Iran, Ireland, Algeria, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, to be continued.
So, is petitcode's story a simple demand-supply story? Or just another digital agency in Berlin? No, it’s quite the opposite - we share a vision of working freely while doing what we do best. At petitcode, we get by without "We are family" agency kitsch and – as a fully remote company – without an office. Why? Because we and our freelancers share the vision of the future of work and freedom and are one thing above all else: Experts who love their job uncompromisingly and have no desire for fiddling with office hours or non-transparent senior-junior hierarchies and who are distributed all over the world, independent of time and place, and from where they live their lives and work together. Needless to say, with so much freedom and transparency, you can save yourself your generic office kicker.
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How we work?

In the workshop phase, we make sure that all requirements have been understood correctly and are therefore properly executed. The introduction of the freelancer(s) responsible for the projects comes with a definition of project milestones including binding deliverables.
Good preparation is half the work: our thorough preparation policy have resulted in 100% of projects delivered on time, 75% were finished before the agreed target date.
petitcode freelancers work on the principle of “Build - Measure - Learn”. During development following the predefined steps, project milestones can, on request, be preponed to the market earlier. petitcode continues to implement designs and functions step-by-step while running quality management simultaneously.
The deliverables go through a series of standardized and proven test-scenarios defined by the quality management developed by petitcode. After the test-approval, petitcode takes responsibility and actions for the implementation and necessary introduction to the client.
petitcode regularly checks the intermediate deliverables and the overall project progress. But it doesn't end with the approval and implementation: petitcode continues to verify the project results in productive operation from time-to-time to make sure that the solution is working properly and accordingly.
Also clients will always be able to reconnect at any given time to further develop additional functions in the future.
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Why us?

  • We transparently communicate every step
  • We assume liability for all contracted services
  • We provide your organisation with a fast and frictionless recruiting process
  • We are your single point of contact for the entire project and manage the freelancers
  • We always guarantee the best quality
  • We are accountable for the outcome of the projects, not the specialists
  • We include a (code) insurance for all projects
  • We provide you with a highly flexible re-staffing system in case of changing project requirements

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