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1 We execute your IT or creative project for you.

2 Or: We (temporarily) complete your in-house team with specialists.

Business, IT and Career Consulting

If you want to enter into a new business, need IT advise or simply help to make the right decisions for your career. We can help you to set up your proper infrastructure.

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Specialists Recruiting

petitcode operates a network of senior IT and creative specialists that are vetted by other professionals within their field of expertise. We provide you with hand-selected specialists who are ideally qualified for the technical and personal requirements of your project.

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Project Realisation

Do you plan to outsource parts of a project or an entire project? We will staff a project team from a selected group of IT and creative specialists that perfectly fulfill the requirements of your project.

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Benefits Of Working With petitcode

  • We transparently communicate every step
  • We assume liability for all contracted services
  • We provide your organisation with a fast and frictionless recruiting process
  • We are your single point of contact for the entire project and manage the freelancers
  • We always guarantee the best quality
  • We are accountable for the outcome of the projects, not the specialists
  • We include a (code) insurance for all projects
  • We provide you with a highly flexible re-staffing system in case of changing project requirements

Our work process

Free First Consultation

Simply contact us and we will get in touch.

Matching Suitable Specialists & Concept Creation

We find you the best available specialists and define an action plan together.

Execution of Project

Realising your project in accordance to the action plan.

Launch of Project

75% of our projects are launched before estimated deadline.


We are here to help at anytime.

What is Remote Work?

21.08.2020 - 7min read - by Amine Maamir

We are in the midst of a flexible workplace revolution. Remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. In a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, More employees than ever before are working remotely. Based on research done by GetApp over the last decade, the number of people working remotely at least once a week has gone up by 400%. IWG did another study that revealed about 70% of the entire global workforce telecommutes at least once a week already. and it’s predicted that the workforce will either be freelance, outsourced or remote workers who spend much of their time working from home. In this post, we’ll define remote work, explain how people can work remotely and why do they work remotely? Let’s dive in.

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Introduction to petitcode

30.07.2019 - 2min read - by Benedikt Rötsch

Before petitcode, Sebastian and Guy had an idea concerning a sports app – FSB – whilst still being Master students. Despite groundbreaking ideas, a more tangible market demand laid somewhere else so that a change in focus was needed.

This is probably something most Entrepreneurs have eventually faced and there is nothing to be ashamed of. So, where did they go from there? With the constantly evolving digital market, a lot of clients and even agencies are struggling to keep up with the pace and excessive information. Endless apps, websites, new platforms and technologies are sprouting on a daily basis. With all these new innovations in Technology and Data, the industry constantly requires more qualitative specialists. Additionally, thanks to enhanced mobility and interconnectivity, the tendency of our generation is to dedicate our working life less and less to one employer only, like our parents’ generation used to.

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