Front-/Backend Developer

Freelance | Healthcare | Standort: Remote/Berlin | Preis pro Stunde: €50-€80 | Referriert von petitcode

Beschreibung von Firma / Projekt / Kunde

As a senior collective, we care about quality. That is why referrals from third-persons are important to us.

The project is for an E-Health Startup bringing a content platform to the next level and work together in a creative unit.

Deine Skills

Coding language/framework (Monolith):

  • Ruby 2.5.1
  • Rails 5.2.3
  • Postgresql as database
  • Sidekiq for background jobs
  • React.JS for frontend
  • Rspec for testing

Vorteile bei Firma / Projekt / Kunde zu arbeiten

If the collaboration is successful there is the option to come on board as CTO.

Deine Aufgabengebiete

You will be finishing the development of MVP, running some streaming projects and executing the future handover.

Platform Features

  • JW player integration
  • SendGrid email setup
  • Statistics for counting viewers
  • User creation setup
  • API connection to partner software